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Date: 3-Dec-17

Date: 28-Nov-17

Date: 12-Jul-17

Date: 1-Apr-17

Date: 15-Feb-17

Lyn and Alan Bundesen winners of the Peter Young Pairs

Date: 30-Jan-17

Carol Ferguson and Beryl Tetzlaff winners Jessica Mortess Pairs

Date: 30-Jan-17

Val Manning and Heinrich Glatter winner of the Fred Bush Pairs

Date: 30-Jan-17

Peter Gordon - Most Master Points for 2016

Date: 30-Jan-17

Joanna Galletly and Trish Holzberger winner of the Kevin Ward Pairs

Date: 30-Jan-17

Margaret Potter - Ruth Smith Trophy

Date: 30-Jan-17

Deb Tuomi, Sheila Connell and Lesley missing from the photo awarded Ruth Smith Encouragement 2016

Date: 30-Jan-17

Peter, Hugh, Betty and Lydia winners of the Teams Championships

Date: 30-Jan-17

Brenda McClean and Betty Theodore winners of the Ken Lawrence Pairs

Date: 30-Jan-17

Edna Vanini, Peter Young,Jan Lohse and Mike Verdel winners of the Perfect Teams

Date: 30-Jan-17

Alison Bretag and Peter Gordon winners of the Ronnie Derepas

Date: 30-Jan-17

Burnett River

Date: 9-Oct-16

Wide Bay Zone Champions 2016 L to R Betty Theodore, Hugh O'Malley,Peter Gordon, Susie Stevens

Date: 17-Aug-16

Date: 21-Apr-16

Date: 7-Apr-16

Most Master Points, Perfect Teams, Teams and Pairs Winner: Peter Gordon

Date: 31-Jan-16

Peter Young Pairs - Val Manning (sub) winners Heinrich Glatter and Betty Theodore

Date: 28-Jan-16

Pairs Champions: Hugh O'Malley - Peter Gordon ( missing)

Date: 28-Jan-16

Perfect Teams Winners: Robyn Demnar,Daphne Pitt (sub)and Ian Bloore (missing Paul Wade and Peter Gordon)

Date: 28-Jan-16

Date: 25-Nov-15

Date: 17-Nov-15